Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe request for support and sponsorship

Over the last Twenty years, Pathfinder Parachute group has carried out demonstration parachute jumps
in support of our veterans and their families. Our members wear WW2 Allied uniforms purchased at great
expense by themselves, to paint a picture, to show the spectators what it would have looked like in WW2
when their fathers and grandfathers first descended under parachutes into a hostile environment to free Europe.
We use military parachutes purchased by our members on e-bay.We rebuild them have them certified by a
Special Forces rigger. We then jump with these parachutes to enhance the display. Where possible we have
used a vintage Douglas Dakota Skytrain as our jump aircraft to keep the display as authentic as we can and
obviously to put the maximum number of jumpers in the air at the same time. This take a lot of hard work
and dedication from our jumpers many of them being Parachute Regiment veterans themselves. All monies raised
for the event are done so by the jumpers and members of Pathfinder. No mean feat considering we are only a
Parachute club and not a business and we pride ourselves that we have never taken a penny from the veterans or
any of their associations in order to perform these displays. Our displays have always been free of charge to
those watching us. We are honoured and privileged to be able to show our appreciation for our veterans
sacrifices in this way.
Unfortunately with the price of fuel and other charges going through the roof it has been harder the last
couple of years to continue staging our two main events, Normandy and Arnhem. Our member are struggling to
raise the much needed money and so for the first time in Pathfinders history we find ourselves having to ask
for financial help. There is a very real danger that unless the worlds financial problems are solved soon events
like ours will be a thing of the past and just to expensive to be staged.
I would like to ask for a small donation towards the costs of this years events which is expected to be
about 12,000 and this is just our share of the Normandy drop which we will share with two other groups.
Unfortunately unlike Square canopy display teams we cannot put our sponsors names on the parachutes and in
return for sponsoring us we can only give you our eternal thanks and make it known on facebook and the groups
web sites who has helped us. Despite this we ask you to help keep alive our display by sponsoring us. We are
aware that businesses are feeling the pinch so we do not expect anyone to sponsor it completely. All donations
no matter how small will be gratefully received and will help us keep alive the memory of our heroes.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.
Yours sincerely.
R Mobsby (Sgt 5 Abn Bde retired)

Roy Mobsby
Jump/Operations Coordinator
Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe
Contact:  Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe Website