1st Edition HB 1994 254 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1994 by "Robert Peatling".
Printed by "Biddles Ltd.". Written by Robert Peatling. ISBN number 0952299208.
This is the inspiring story of the airborne battalion commanded by the redoubtable
Lieutenant Colonel John Frost. Formed in late 1941, as part of the new First parachute Brigade,
the battalion was in almost constant action until its legendary stand at the Arnhem Bridge
in September 1944. After that action not one single officer was evacuated; all were either
killed or captured. Indeed at the end of the War no less than 38 officers and some 800 men
were held in POW camps. This is testimony to the dedication and fighting spirit that
the Battalion possessed and demonstrated so vividly during its five airborne operations.
2 PARA won the first two battle honours (Bruneval and Oudna) on the Parachute Regiment's
Standard and no less than five out of the eleven that there are today.
This book describes the actions in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy before the scene shifts
to the heroic and dramatic climax at Arnhem.