1st Edition PB 2007

Operation Market Garden Book

> Paperback. First published in 2007 by "Brendon Publishing". Only 700 copies.
Printer N/K. Written by Niall Cherry.
This book tells the story of the defence of the Van Limburg Stirum School at
the Arnhem road bridge.

The Author:
Niall Cherry was born in London in 1959 and recalls becoming interested in military
history as a schoolboy from watching films such as 'The Battle of Britain' and
a 'Bridge Too Far'. He later found out that one of his grandfathers had fought
in the Great War, serving as a Chemical Corporal at Loos. His father served in the
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers during the early 1950s. He continued in
the family tradition by serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps, qualifying as a
Combat Medical Technician Class 1, an instructor in First Aid and Nuclear, Biological
and Chemical Warfare. He finished his service as a senior NCO. Deeply interested in
the Great War, he has visited numerous battlegrounds on both the Western Front
and at Gallipoli. He is a long-standing member of the Western Front Association,
the Gallipoli Association and the Military Heraldry Society. He also has the honour
of being the first non-Arnhem veteran to hold the post of UK representative for the
Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, Holland. In 2000, Niall's first
book was published, 'Red Berets and Red Crosses The Story of the Medical Services
in the 1st Airborne Division in World War II'. The following year, answering an appeal
from the Manchester Regiment Museum, he wrote 'I Shall Not Find His Equal',
a biography of Brigadier Noel Lee. In the last few years has also contributed articles
to 'Battlefields Review' and 'After the Battle', together with helping with around
20 other books on the Airborne Forces and Gallipoli. Niall currently(2008) lives in Lancashire
with his wife, two daughters, working for BAE Systems helping build fast military jets.