Wings of Freedom Troop Carrier C-47 losses in Market Garden and the role of the
underground movement By Hans den Brok.
When the battle for the Arnhem bridges was lost, a legend was born. The brave battle
fought by the British airborne troopers would over shadow all other parts of the
Market Garden operation. And as where the Arnhem part became famous, the story of
the two American Airborne Divisions stayed largely unknown. The Troop Carriers who
brought all the paratroopers, except for a small detachment of the British, and all
US gliders to the battle zone, remained in the shadow of all Airborne Forces.
This book is the first to tell about the C-47 losses in the Market Garden operation.
It will tell the stories of the men who flew with the C-47s, dropped paratroopers or
towed gliders. Nearly 80 C-47s failed to get back to England and were lost over the
Continent. Many men evaded capture with the brave help of Belgian and Dutch civilians.
Some paid the highest price for their help. Over one-hundred crew members died.
This book is the result of the questions the author had. Where did a plane crash?
What happened to the crew? Who were those men? Where did they stay? Ten years of
intensive research resulted in this book. The book counts over 350 pages. There are
about 380 photos, many of them never published before.
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