1st Edition HB 1947

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. Published in Holland in 1947. Publisher N/K. Printer N/K.
Written by Major Eric MacLachlan Mackay. No ISBN number. This is a Dutch translation
of an article that first appeared in "Blackwood's Magazine" in October 1945. Eric Mackay fought at Arnhem Bridge, was taken prisoner but escaped and managed to
make his way across the Rhine.

The Author:

Captain Eric Mackay commanded the Royal Engineers of the 1st Parachute Squadron's
"A" Troop. With regard to the placement of drop zones, he personally felt that the
Division may as well have been dropped a hundred miles from the Bridge as
opposed to eight. Mackay was so sceptical about the chances of success that he
ordered the men in his Troop to take double ammunition, and he also briefed them
on escape techniques. The 1st Para Squadron flew to Arnhem with the First Lift,
and fell in line with the 2nd Battalion column on the "Lion" route.
Their journey was largely uneventful, but Mackay was worried about the civilians
rushing out to greet them. Not only did they unintentionally impede the march with
their jubilant celebrations, and distract the men by offering them food and drink,
they also made a lot of noise which would draw the attention of any Germans in the area.