Operation Market Garden Book

Softcover, published Januari 1946 in Arnhem, 16 pages. Written by G.J. Veenstra
director of the "Technische Nooddienst".
This booklet describes the activities of the "Technische Nooddienst" in Arnhem
after the evacuation of the civilians.
The "Technische Nooddienst" was an organisation of mostly prominent Arnhem people
wich took care for vital services after the Battle of Arnhem. These were
e.g. the Fire Services, drinkwater services, food distribution for civilians who stayed
behind in the city, electricity and gas services etc.
The organisation was approved by the German authorities and later accused for collaborating
with the Germans, wich wasn't true and that is the reason why this booklet was written.
The booklet comes with a letter sent to the Burgomaster of Arnhem with the request
to investigate the work that they had done.
It also describes the robbery by the Germans and the behaviour of the German troops
after the Battle.