Veterans Voices

Paperback. First published in the UK in 2005 by "Sutton Publishing".
Printed by J.H. Haynes & Co. Ltd.". Compiled by Caroline Freeman-Cuerden.
The story of Coventry's war is one that has often been told: the apparently endless
bombing that reduced the city centre to piles of rubble interspersed with huge craters,
and perhaps above all the destruction of the fine medieval cathedral. This book
is different. Turning the focus away from the city itself, Caroline Freeman-Cuerden has
listened to the memories of twenty-three veterans, just a few of the thousands of
Coventry men and women who served and fought in the Second World War. Their stories
are recounted here in their own words, interspersed with letters, documents, diary
excerpts and photographs. We hear from all theatres of the war - from fighter pilots
and RAF ground crew, from a sailor who served in the Arctic and from a soldier at Dunkirk;
we read first-hand accounts of what it was like in Normandy on D Day, contrasted with
fighting in the jungles of Burma and Sumatra, and serving as a dispatch rider at Alamein.
We also discover what it was like to return to a devastated Coventry at the end of the war.
Most of these veterans had never spoken before of their wartime experiences, and this book
is our chance to listen. Of particular interest is the story of L.Cpl Arthur Adams who at
23 years of age served with the 7th Battalion the Kings Own Scottish Borderers at Arnhem.
He was wounded and taken POW by the Germans and here he tells of his experiences.