1st Edition HB 1945


This Book describes a piece of the History of Arnhem and gives some information
about the destructions.
It contains 7 loose drawings and 2 color aquarels of the destructions made by.
the Dutch Artist Wim Mulder in April and May 1945.

1. Bolckstower with the tower of the big church on the back-ground
2. Ruine of the Big Church seen from the southside
3. Interior of the Big Church.
4. Interior of the Big Church.
5. The "Turfstraat" seen from the Marketsquare to the West.
6. St. Walburgis Church.
7. Palace of Justice on the eastside of the market square.
8. What was left from a living room.
9. The burning city, seen from the direction of the village Velp.