Operation Market Garden Book

1. The Battle for Arnhem Bridge
2. The Battle of Oosterbeek
3. The Battle of Driel
4. The Aftermath
223 Pages

Paperback. First published in the UK in 1999 by "Leo Cooper (Pen & Sword)".
Printed by "Redwood Books". Written by John Waddy. ISBN number 0850525713.
This is a detailed guide to the Arnhem airborne battlefield in Holland during
Operation Market Garden in Sept, 1944. Excellent coverage of the operations and all
sites relating to the British lst Airborne division and the Polish lst Parachute Brigade,
with many personal accounts of the battles , descriptions of the actions, and instructions
on how to locate these areas today, all well illustrated with photos and maps.
The author served with the 156th Battalion at Arnhem

The Author:

john waddy

Service History:

commissioned into The Somerset Light Infantry

151st Parachute Battalion (India)

Intelligence Officer, 156th Parachute Battalion (injured 02.1942)

04.11.1942 - 30.11.1942
Adjutant, 156th Parachute Battalion

Intelligence Officer, 4th Parachute Brigade (Middle East, Italy)

Officer Commanding, B Company, 156th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem)

1945 - 1946
9th Parachute Battalion (Palestine, Malaya, Egypt)

23.10.1948 - 07.01.1950
General Staff Officer 3rd grade (GSO3), HQ Southwest District

26.04.1951 - 06.07.1952
General Staff Officer 3rd grade (GSO3), HQ ... Infantry Division

02.05.1956 - 04.04.1958
General Staff Officer 2nd grade (GSO2), UK ALS Canada

transferred to the Parachute Regiment

07.08.1960 - 13.09.1962
Deputy Commandant Airborne Forces

14.09.1962 - 14.11.1964
Chief Instructor, SA Wing, School of Infantry, Eastern Command
Commandant, Depot The Parachute Regiment & Airborne Forces
Colonel, Special Air Service.
Published: A tour of the Arnhem battlefields (1999)