1st English Edition PB 1988

The tommies are coming

2nd English Edition PB 1998
2nd Edition. Paperback, published in 1998 by "The Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum".
Printed by "Hans Voor De Poort". Compiled by Chris Van Roekel. ISBN number 9080008591. This is
the first "mass produced" copy.

The tommies are coming

Paperback. First published in Holland in 1987 in manuscript form by "Association Of Friends Of
The Airborne Museum". Printed by "Association Of Friends Of The Airborne Museum".
Compiled by Chris Van Roekel, M M H Pelkman-Bongers and A J van Damme-de Groot.
ISBN number 9080008524 or 9789080008526.
Compiled from an original diary written by a 15 year old Dutch girl named Marie-Anne who
lived in Oosterbeek during the battle.

1st Dutch Edition

Operation Market Garden Book