1st Edition PB 1998

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in Holland in 1998 by "Roekel & Horst". Printer N/K.
Written by Chris Van Roekel. ISBN number 9080008583.
Verscheurde Horizon (The Torn Horizon) is an illustrated history of the actions
of the Airborne Chaplains during the Battle of Arnhem. It deals with a small but
totally forgotten (till now) part of the 1st Airborne Division, the chaplains who went
to Arnhem and additional details about what happened to them after the battle are included.
Many of the photos have never been used before and the book complements well other works
on Arnhem such as 'Red Berets and Red Crosses' and 'Cloud over Arnhem'.
First published in Dutch in 1998 as a tribute to Kate ter Horst, the "Angel of Arnhem".

Other Editions:
Paperback. 1st English Edition. Published in 2000 by "Roekel & Horst".
Printed by "Hans Voor De Port". ISBN number 9080457124.
Reprinted again in the same format in 2006.