1st Edition HB 1971

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1971 by "Leo Cooper Ltd.".
Printed by "BAS Printers Ltd.". Written by G G Norton.
This is a great history of British Airborne Forces, famed for their red berets
that so distinguish them. This is a history from their formation and the first raids
right through the rest of WW2 and on to Egypt, Malaya, Suez, Aden - all points in between.
Includes a full chronology of British Airborne History plus a separate history of No 38 Group,

The Author:
Major G G Norton volunteered for an Indian Army Cadetship in 1945. When the partition
of India curtailed further recruitment for the Indian Army he was selected for the
first post-war Regular Officer Cadet intake into the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.
Commissioned into the 1st Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment in 1948, he served a period
of Public Duties in London before accompanying the battalion to Hong Kong in 1949.
The Battalion was sent to Korea in 1950 as part of the first British Contingent to
the United Nations Forces and returned to Hong Kong in 1951. He then returned to the UK
to serve a period as Adjutant at the Regimental Depot, subsequently volunteering for
service with Airborne Forces in 1952. He served with the 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment
in Egypt, the UK and in Cyprus during the EOKA campaign. In 1956 he commanded Support Company
of the Battalion in the airborne assault on Port Said in the Suez operations.
In 1957 he re-joined the Middlesex Regiment in Cyprus for the remainder of the emergency
period, where he was mentioned in despatches and moved with them in 1958 to Germany.
In 1960 he volunteered for a Colonial tour and joined the Queens Own Nigeria Regiment,
moving to the Congo for service with the United Nations peace-keeping force.
In all he completed three tours of duty in the Congo amounting to some eighteen months
between 1960 and 1963 and was decorated by the Austrian Government with the Silver Order
of Honour for a rescue operation against rebel troops in the Kivu Province at Bukava.
Returning to the UK at the end of this period he served as Training Major with the
5th Battalion the Middlesex Regiment (TA) eventually rejoining the 1st Battalion
in Northern Ireland in 1965. In 1966 the battalion spent nine months in British Guiana
(now Guyana) and were the last British troops to serve in this station.
On return from Guyana, Major Norton was again seconded to Airborne Forces,
joining in January 1967. Subsequently he was appointed Second-in-Command of the
Depot the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.