1st Edition HB 1950

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1950 by "Michael Joseph Ltd.".
Printed by "Purnell & Sons Ltd.". Written by Hilary St.George Saunders. No ISBN number.
A detailed account of the birth and growth of British airborne troops in WW2,
the establishment of the Central Landing School, training by trial and error,
experimental and sometimes disastrous raids, early successes at Tragino and Bruneval
and the major operations of Normandy and Arnhem.

The Author:
Hilary Aidan Saint George Saunders (1898 - 1951) was a British author.
Saunders was born in Clifton, near Bristol.
Saunders went by several noms-de-plume: "Francis Beeding" (writing in tandem with John Palmer),
"Barum Browne" (with Geoffrey Dennis), "Cornelius Cofyn" (with John deVere Loder),
"David Pilgrim" (with John Palmer), and "John Somers" (with John Palmer).
A chronicler of World War II and biographer of Robert Baden-Powell, Saunders was Librarian
of the House of Commons Library from 1946 - 1950, when he retired because of ill health.
Saunders became known during the second world war for his books and pamphlets,
'The Battle of Britain', 'Bomber Command', 'Coastal Command', etc., which he wrote
officially and anonymously for the Government, and subsequently for the 'Red Beret'
and 'Green Beret'. The Sleeping Bacchus is his scarce first and only novel,
the story of an art robbery. He died of asthma in 1951.

Other Editions:
Paperback. Published in 1971 in the UK by "New English Library". Printer N/K. ISBN number 0450010066
Paperback. Published in the UK in 1975 by "New English Library". Printer N/K. ISBN number 0450033279
Hardback. 1st American Edition published in the US in 1985 by "Battery Press".ISBN number 0898390877
Paperback. 3rd Printing. Published in 1965 by "Four Square Books". Printer N/K. No ISBN number
Paperback. Published in the UK in 1958 by "Beacon Books". Printer N/K. No ISBN number
Hardback. Published in 1972 by "White Lion Publishers". Printer N/K. ISBN number 0856178233
Paperback. Published in 1968. No other details known at this time