English 2014 edition
The para who stayed behind in Arnhem

Dutch 2014 edition
De parachutist die in arnhem achterbleef Arnhem

Softback A4 size book. 32 pages. Compiled by Dick Beumer and Ron Wenting.
20 copies printed from wich 10 double signed.
Published by Dick Beumer.
19 B/W photo's and 1 foldable A3 size map glued in the back of the book.

This book contains.
A. The report that the Arnhem Police-officer 'van Maris' had written about the hiding of Bob Peatling(2nd Battalion HQ)
in the Arnhem Police station. (18-9-1944 until 31-10-1944)
B. The recently(2013) discovered interview that the Arnhem Municipal Secretary 'van Iddekinge' had
with the Police-officer 'van Maris' in 1977.

Also available in the Dutch language.