1st Edition HB 1992

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1992 by "Leo Cooper (Pen & Sword)".
Printed by "Redwood Press Ltd.". Written by Claude Smith. ISBN number 0850523265.
The Glider Pilot Regiment, having been raised as the first element of the new Army Air Corps
in 1942 and disbanded in 1957, can probably claim the dubious distinction of having been the
smallest and shortest-lived Regiment ever to form part of the British Army. Nevertheless, in those
few years the Regiment gained as much distinction as it has taken other units hundreds of years
to achieve. Yet, strangely enough, the story of these heroic men who piloted their flimsy gliders
to most of the important battlefields of the Second World War has never before been told.
It is indeed a remarkable story and no one is better qualified to tell it than Claude Smith,
who himself served with the Regiment and took part in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day,
6 June 1944, and later in the ill-fated landing at Arnhem, where he was taken prisoner.
Claude Smith tells the story of these supremely brave men, factually and unemotionally,
but it is impossible to read this book without being moved by their heroism.
As General Sir John Hackett says in his foreword:
'Those who went to battle in gliders and above all those who got them there, the Glider Pilots,
deserve our enduring esteem'.

The Author:
Claude Smith, a former policeman whose diverse assignments during service in the counties
of Surrey, Durham and Norfolk included duty on the Royal Estate at Sandringham, served
in the Glider Pilot Regiment in the latter part of the war. He flew a glider to Normandy
on D-Day and another to Arnhem, where he was taken prisoner. He was in captivity near Dresden
for seven months, until released by the Russians.

Other Editions:
Hardback. Reprinted by "Leo Cooper" in 1996. ISBN number 0850523265
Paperback. Published in the UK by "Pen & Sword" in Jan 2008. ISBN number 9781844156269