345 Pages HB

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1992 by "Spellmount Ltd.".
Printed by "Biddles Ltd.". Written by Alan Wood. ISBN number 0946771995.
In this deeply researched book Alan Wood gives the history of the development of the glider
as a weapon of war by the combatant nations of WW2, and describes British glider operations,
detailing the airborne regiments, units, troops and airmen involved, supplemented by vivid
first hand accounts of the actions. He also gives the technical data and development details
of the actual gliders plus the weapons and equipment used by the Glider Soldiers.

The Author:
Alan Wood served for twelve years on Regular and Reserve Service followed by seventeen years
as a G Reservist in the RAF. During his RAF service he was engaged in air duties, mainly on
Halifax and Dakota aircraft, which included towing Horsa and Hamilcar gliders, glider snatching,
paratroop dropping and experimental and standard supply dropping with 47, 111, 295 and 297
Squadrons of 38 (Airborne Forces) Group; No.1 Parachute and Glider Training School;
1333 Transport Command Training and 27 (Airborne Forces) Squadron of Transport Command.
A writer since the early 1950's, his first book on airborne warfare,
"History of the World's Glider Forces" was published in 1990 and dealt with all glider forces.