the glider gang

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the US in 1977 by "J. B. Lippincott Co.".
Printer N/K.
Milton Dank was a US Glider Pilot who took part in three airborne operations during WW2,
Southern France, Holland and the Rhine.
This is the complete, fully documented story of the Allied glider pilots in World War II.
It tells the saga of the daredevil volunteers who flew the fragile canvas or plywood
motorless aircraft into Sicily, Normandy, southern France, Holland, and across the Rhine
to deliver cannon, jeeps and reinforcements to the embattled paratroopers. The glider pilots
endured not only the enemy's flak, but also foul weather, inexperienced tow plane pilots,
gliders that tended to shed parts in mid-air, their own lack of ground combat training,
and inadequate planning at high levels for the airborne assaults. Even perfectly executed
glider landings tended to be little more than controlled crashes. Their shocking story is
superbly chronicled here, often in the pilots own dramatic words.