1st Edition PB 2003 144 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

In the second of his two Battleground guides on the epic struggle put up by the
British and Polish paratroopers at Arnhem, Frank Steer concentrates on the battle
in the town itself and particularly for the vital bridge. Seized at a comparatively
early stage, the bridge became the focus for prolonged and vicious fighting.
Cut off from further reinforcement by the furious Germans, the small garrison,
led by the redoubtable Colonel John Frost, waged an increasingly desperate struggle
for survival against overwhelming odds, hoping against hope that 30 Corps would
arrive in time. As is well known they did not. The fact that this battle was lost
and the bold aims of Market Garden were not fully achieved in no way diminished
the extent of the achievement of the Para's. Indeed it has added to their glory.