1st Edition 2008

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in 2008. Published by "BN1 Publishing". Printer N/K.
Written by Reg Curtis. ISBN number N/A.
Mr. Curtis gives the reader some insight into some very private thoughts and sufferings.
In short this is a tale of a proud man who served his country in admiration of the man,
who in Holland, was a symbol of hope in dismal days, Winston Churchill. This story is a
true "Documente Humain". Here and there the soldier's language may not be understood by
the reader who has no experience in the army, but insiders will recognise a comrade in arms.

Reg Curtis joined the Grenadier Guards in 1937. He had originally thought that he would spend
four years with the Colours before fulfilling his ambition to serve in the City of London Police.
This was not to be, and soon after the outbreak of war he found himself serving in the
perilous forward positions of the Maginot Line. After a footslog across France and Belgium
he came back to England via Dunkirk. It was then that he volunteered for the Para Commando,
and after many experimental parachute drops and a vigorous course to toughen up the body
and sharpen the thinking, he was successively dropped into North Africa, Italy, Sicily
and finally Arnhem in Holland.