1st Edition PB 2007

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback booklet. First published (privately) in the UK in 2007 by Chris Hollis.
Printer N/K. Written by Chris Hollis. No ISBN number.Mbr> This privately published booklet tells the story of Private Albert Stanley Hope
who was a member of the 16th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC and who was killed
at the Arnhem Road Bridge. Hope reached the bridge with Lt. Col. Frost's mixed bag
of troops and began to work out of the Van Limburg Stirum School on the Eastern side
of the British perimeter. The exact details of his death are not known but it is
believed that he was killed by a German sniper whilst acting as a member of a two man
stretcher party that was 'shot up' whilst carrying a wounded man on the morning
of the 19th September.
The booklet describes the author's trips to Arnhem and his search for information
about Hope who was his Father's Cousin. A picture of Hope appears on the front cover
of the 1st edition of Louis Hagen's book "Arnhem Lift".