Sporen van de luchtlanding bij Arnhem

PB booklet, 4 pages, 1971. "Trackings of the Airlanding at Arnhem". Written by R.P.G.A. Voskuil.
Self Published by the author, no ISBN.
In this booklet two aerial photographs are compared by the writer. One photo is from gliders
wich had just landed on the 17th of September 1944 and the other photo is from after the Battle
of Arnhem and depicts the same spot but now we see the imprint of burned gliders on the ground.
These gliders were set on fire by the Germans after the Battle.
This publication was published in the magazine of the Royal Dutch Geographical Association
volume 5 year 1971 and in the Dutch weekly magazine "De Spiegel" from 7 September 1957 with the caption "De slag om Arnhem uit de lucht gezien".