1st Edition PB 1997

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in 1997 in Canada by "Institute For Studies In Teacher Education".
Printed by "Institute For Studies In Teacher Education". Written by H N "Andy" Andrews.
ISBN number 0969582757 or 9780969582755.
This is the remarkable story of a Regiment of equally remarkable men - none of whom held a
rank lower than Sergeant. It is the story of the British Army Air Corps Glider Pilot Regiment
of the Second World War. It is also the story of one man, who with courage and devotion,
both to duty and to the woman he had come to love in the early days of the war, managed to
survive against staggering odds.
But this is not a story about the triumphs of war, although many triumphs can be found in its pages.
Rather, it is story of sacrifice, of shelling, noise, mud, pain, and fear. Of men, many of them
only boys, who would trade dreams of flying for a cold reality from which there would be no return.
The use of gliders in wartime proved to be unconscionably costly in terms of human life but this
was largely ignored. 553 Glider Pilots gave their lives in what will become seen as a blip in
military history.
It is for these men, and countless like them, that Andy Andrews has written this book.
Many years have been spent researching the material for this book and many are the cast
of characters. Only a lad of nineteen at the beginning of the war, Andrews has finally seen
his dream come true - of completing the record for all those whose voices have been stilled.