1st Dutch Edition PB 1994

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. 1st Edition. Published in Holland in 1994 by "de Prom". Printer N/K.
Written in Dutch by Max Dendermonde.
This is the story of a fictional family that lived in the Arnhem area during the
Battle of September 1944.

The Author:
Max Dendermonde was born on the 17th June 1919 in Winschoten but grew up in the city
of Groningen where he, whilst writing for a newspaper in his spare time, qualified
as a teacher. Dendermonde never practised that profession but tried immediately to make
a living from the pen; he wanted to become a writer and nothing else.
While still young he wrote many poems, a short novel and novellas. He worked as an editor
for the radio, for an American film company, for an advertising agency in Amsterdam,
for the weekly "De Groene Amsterdammer", and the newspaper "Het Parool".
1954 saw the appearance of his first big novel, "De wereld gaat aan vlijt ten onder"
(Diligence Ruins The World), of which 26 editions have been published. Many other novels
and poetry collections followed. Since 1960 he has worked without permanent contracts.
Since 1980 he writes - more regularly and more productively than ever - in Florida,
where he can work without being disturbed, exclusively in Dutch.