September 2011

The completely revised edition of the Roll of Honour of the Battle of Arnhem has been published at last!

Originally compiled by Jan Hey in 1986, Geert Maassen and Philip Reinders, aided by a number of
people from the Netherlands and abroad, have now produced the fifth edition. This brand new book
was published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek.

Compared to the previous edition (from 1999) 24 names and other information of Allied soldiers who
died during or as a consequence of the fighting in September 1944, have been added. 10 names had to be
skipped since the men involved turned out not to have been at Arnhem or did not die due to the battle.

Appendix A shows that 1915 military, including 243 of the air forces and 82 Air Despatchers, were killed.
Data about more than 1300 of these have been corrected or expanded since 1999. Relevant information was added,
derived from:

* dossiers about those who died in POW camps or hospitals in Germany;
* casualty files in the National Archives in London;
* Polish military documents in The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum;
* data from a private collection about wounded men in Apeldoorn hospitals;
* the archives of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

A new chapter is about the many graves of men ‘Known unto God’, over 280 of which were found in the Netherlands.
Of these 240 are in the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery. According to Jan Hey’s figures 424 men are missing in
action to this day. Thus it can be concluded that the mortal remains of about 140 soldiers of the Allied army that
were involved in the Battle of Arnhem have never been found or registered.

‘Roll of Honour - Battle of Arnhem - September 1944’ is a hardcover book, counts 272 pages, and contains
225 photographs and other illustrations (ISBN: 9789081755306). Readers in the United Kingdom can purchase a copy
from Niall Cherry, the price being £ 25 plus £ 5 postage and packing: Mail to: Niall(dot)Cherry(at)baesystems(dot)com

In the Netherlands this reference book is available from the local book shops in the Arnhem region and from
the Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ at Oosterbeek. It is also for sale through the Friends of the Airborne Museum(VVAM)
Mail to: info(at)vriendenairbornemuseum(dot)nl

5th Edition HB 2011 Front

Arnhem Roll of Honour

5th Edition HB 2011 Back

Arnhem Roll of Honour

1st Edition Ringbound 1986

Operation Market Garden Book

Supplement 1st and 2nd Edition Ringbound july 1989

Operation Market Garden Book

3rd Edition PB 1993

Operation Market Garden Book

4th Edition PB 1999 ISBN=9080457116

Operation Market Garden Book

Ringbound manuscript form. First published in Holland in 1986 by
"Society Of Friends Of The Airborne Museum". Printer N/K.
Written by J A Hey.
This publication, from the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum, Oosterbeek,
is an A4 size, ringbound book listing all those killed in the battle of Arnhem,
together with their original gravesites (where known). There are many moving
photographs of the graves.