1st Edition 2010


An illustrated History of Kampfgruppe Knaust, September-October 1944.
168 Pages with 238 black and white photographs, 25 documents 11 maps and 10 aerial photographs. Price 30.00
Enclosed with each book a full colour reprint of 'Sonderausgabe Nr 3, stand 1940;
40 West, Arnhem map (52 x 40 cm) as produced by the German Army Headquarters.
Retake Arnhem Bridge is based on the numerous photographs taken by Karl-Heinz Kracht,
who in 1944 was at a tank training school in Germany but had been warned that his unit
would be required to form an ad-hoc Kampfgruppe if circumstances warranted.
In September 1944 after the airborne landings in Holland this is exactly what happened
and he and his colleagues became part of the Kampfgruppe Knaust.
Sent to Holland they had a major part in retaking Arnhem Bridge from the defenders
of the 1st Airborne Division and later spent several weeks fighting on the Island
- the area between Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Ordering info:
For the Netherlands:  Robert Sigmond

For the UK:  Niall Cherry

Further for sale from 20 february 2010 at the Airborne Museum Hartenstein and
Meijer & Siegers Oosterbeek. You can have the book signed on 20 february at the
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