1st Edition HB 2007

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback & Hardback. First published simultaneously in both formats in Canada
in 2007 By "Trafford Publishing". Printer N/K. Written by Leonard Stone.
ISBN number 9781425132538 or 1425132537 (PB) and 9781425172015 or 1425172016(HB)
The character David Gibson through whose eyes most of the story is told, is based
on the recollections of a British airborne soldier. We see and hear him and are
privy to his thoughts throughout the battle. But unlike him, we know what is going
on in the enemy's camp as well, and at the end, readers will ask, what would I have done?
In September of 1944, ten thousand airborne soldiers came from the sky to secure
the Rhine River Bridge at Arnhem, Holland. Two thousand returned, many believing they
had been sent on a suicide mission by leaders blinded by a sense of their own
invincibility. Their stand at Arnhem, against overwhelming odds, is still considered
one of history's most heroic military feats.
Red Devil Rising encompasses the range of human feeling from the arrogant to the simple,
from the strategist to the mud and blood soaked warriors, both German and British
who killed each other separately, or schemed to save each other. Ironically, one side
fought because they wee doomed: the other for the glory of their last victory.

The Author:
Leonard David Stone was born and educated in Winnipeg Canada and now resides
in Tampa, Florida. He holds degrees in Fine Arts and Education, and taught at the
high school level; however, his long-time professional career had been in arts
administration, having managed symphony orchestras in the United States and Canada.
He lived in Arnhem, Holland and London, England in 1956 during which time he developed
his earliest research for the novel Red Devil Rising including face-to-face interviews
with many real-life characters in the novel. Since then he had maintained a keen interest
in military history, principally the WW II airborne drop known as Market-Garden.
Of Stone, Adrian Groeneweg, OBE, the former director of the Airborne Museum located
in Oosterbeek, Holland on the outskirts of Arnhem said, "He has chronicled the historical
events as envisioned in his writer's imagination by breathing life into well researched facts…
Stone has captured a certain flavour and spirit of those I had the privilege of knowing
and still know…The interplay between his fictional characters and the real life
participants rings true…I congratulate Stone on his life-long dedication and passion
for their story. I recommend Red Devil Rising to anyone interested in the subject.