Reap a Destiny

About 20 pages on Arnhem and Denmark.
Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1989 by "The British Medical Journal". This book is the memoirs of Thomas Douglas Victor Swinscow who served as the Regimental
Medical Officer of the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron at Arnhem. He had already
seen action in Tunisia and would survive Arnhem to go on and serve with the Division
in Denmark. After the war Swinscow joined the staff of the British Medical Journal,
first as a sub-editor, but eventually later as deputy editor. He was in post during
the stirring days of the inception of the National Health Service, a time when, as he says,
'rancour was the keynote of the debates on the NHS, both within the medical profession
and between the profession and the Government'. But later he said: 'Without a coherent
and responsible BMA (British Medical Association) the NHS might never have got off the ground,
for the BMA, in its medico-political experience over many years, in its opposition as much as
its agreement, in its ability to solicit its members' views and to make decisions, was as
necessary a part of Bevan's political life as the pebbles that a crocodile accumulates in its lower
stomach to give it greater weight, more effective thrust, when plunging into the river.'