Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in the UK in 1994 by "Jack Turnbull".
Printed by "Stockport Printing Co. Ltd.". Written by Jack Turnbull & John Hamblett.
This is the previously untold story of the 1st Airborne Division Provost Company,
Corps of Military Police, who served alongside the Division in North Africa, Sicily,
Italy, Arnhem, Norway and Denmark from 1942 until the Division was disbanded in 1945.

The Author:


John "Jack" Hamblett (right) joined the TA in 1938 and served in a Searchlight Battery
with the Lancashire Fusiliers. In 1942, seeking a more active participation in the war,
he transferred to the Corps of Military Police and served with the 1st Airborne Division
Provost Company until it was disbanded in 1945. From there he went to a Ports Provost
Company but, finding that the duties of patrolling post war docks did not match up to the
excitement of the Airborne Provost, he left the army in 1946. Then followed a career as
an accountant, mainly at GEC, Trafford Park, Manchester, where he met Jack Turnbull.
In the years following the end of the war John organised many pilgrimages to Arnhem for
local veterans until the demands of his job and raising a family had to take precedence.

Jack Turnbull (left) joined the Corps of Royal Military Police in 1956 and, with the
exception of a brief period in the Brighton Constabulary, served until 1979 when he
retired as Regimental Sergeant Major. He then followed a career in Security Management,
firstly at the GEC Engineering Company in Manchester, and latterly at a 5-Star hotel in
the city centre. He has produced two books on the RMP role in Northern Ireland and a number
of Local History publications.

Other Editions:
2nd edition. Paperback, published in the UK in 2009 by "Tommies Guides".
Printer N/K. ISBN number 9780955569890. Same Cover as First Edition.