1st Dutch Edition 1999-96 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

Cardcover. First published in Holland in Dutch in 1999 by "Kontrast Publishing".
Printed by "Kontrast Publishing". Written by Peter-Alexander Van Teeseling.
A compilation of eye witness accounts of the battle of Arnhem. Sources include
soldiers who fought at the time and also civilians who were caught in the middle.
Originally published in Dutch in 1999.

The Author:
Peter-Alexander van Teeseling was born on the 24th of April 1986.
He is a student at the Mozaïek College in Oosterbeek. When he was ten years
old he visited the veterans, who came to Oosterbeek during the commemorations
of the Battle of Arnhem, at their meeting place, Café Schoonoord.
These contacts led to writing letters back and forth. The correspondence
between the veterans and Peter-Alexander became more and more extensive.
This led to the idea to ask the veterans to put their personal stories on paper.
By now Peter-Alexander has a whole collection of stories of veterans of which
a part is published in 'Over & Over'. Peter-Alexander also collects books,
military objects and other memorabilia that relate to the Battle of Arnhem.
Recently he collaborated with his collection in organising an exposition at
the Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'.