1st Edition PB 2006 316 pages English text

Operation Market Garden Book

While the history books may finish on the final day of the hard-fought
battle it was then the citizens of Arnhem and Oosterbeek came face to face
with the realities and true face of Nazism. Ordered from their shattered homes,
over 100,000 refugees trudged north into what became known as the Hunger Winter.
Grim days lay ahead for Holland as living conditions reverted to those of
the dark ages. For five million people caged within the iron grip of German might
and terror survival became a grim race against time. Would allied relief arrive
in time or would they arrive into a land of corpses? As seen through the eyes of
the young Cornelis Baumann the author takes his readers from the arrival of Nazi
troops on Dutch soil to the appearance of Canadian troops on the streets of Utrecht.