ook blinden waren helden by Tony de Ridder
ook blinden waren helden by Tony de Ridder

Publisher "Ploegsma" Amsterdam 1945, 11 Pages.
This booklet was written by Mrs Tony de Ridder, a wellknown local writer.
It was meant to raise funds to rebuild the heavily damaged Institute for the Blind.
After the liberation when the blind returned to Wolfheze they found shelter in the
Hotel Wolfheze as their Institute had to be rebuild. The institute was occupied by
the Germans from 10-15 September 1944 and bombed on the 17th of September.
There were 50 single blind people and 20 employees in the Institute. During the Batttle
they had to leave the institute to find shelter elswhere in the surroundings and in
October they were forced to evacuate to Ermelo and they returned in May 1945 to Wolfheze.
This booklet tells their story.