1st Edition PB 1997

Operation Market Garden Book

Cardcover. First published in the UK in 1997 by "J & KH Publishing". Printer N/K.
Written by Hugh Carling. ISBN number 1900511940.
This tells the story of the author's experiences during WW2. He joined the RASC in 1940
and later transferred to the Glider Pilot Regiment and fought at Arnhem.

The Author:
Hugh Carling was born in South Shields in January, 1914, the son of a soldier.
After a number of years selling fire extinguishers and then with the PDSA, Hugh made an
unsuccessful bid to join the RAF as a pilot. Hugh joined the RASC in March 1940 and was
sent as a driver to the 13th Troop Carrying Company based at Felixstowe. Promoted to L/Corporal,
he was posted to Libya where he saw action with the 7th Armoured Division under Wavell during
the first part of the North African Campaign. However he was involved in a motor accident
whilst in the desert and subsequent complications meant repatriation to the UK and almost
a year in hospital. When pronounced fit, Hugh, now a full Corporal, was posted to the
Corps Transport HQ, Catterick, but having heard about the airborne forces, asked for a transfer.
He was subsequently accepted for the Glider Pilot Regiment with a posting to Booker,
near High Wycombe. Hugh was a Sergeant and Second Pilot, trained for the pre D-Day assault
near Caen, now popularly known as Pegasus Bridge. At the last moment, he and his Captain did
not go and was left with a feeling of anti-climax. However, the Army already had plans for
his future..... Operations Market Garden, better known as Arnhem and Varsity, the Rhine Crossing.
Hugh left the Army in 1946 but joined the TA and the Parachute Battalion of the Durham Light
Infantry. Having made a number of jumps, one bad one left him with a damaged spine and a period in hospital. It also meant an end to his Army days. After a varied post-war career he retired from the motor trade in 1977, having lived in Exmouth since 1960. Hugh Carling died on 18th September 2002.

Cardcover. 2nd edition published in 1998. All other details as per 1st edition