SB Edition 1946
Noodziekenhuis Nunspeet

Noodziekenhuis Nunspeet

Publisher N/K, writer N/K.
This booklet describes the exploits of a number of doctors and nurses from the
Arnhem and Velp hospitals who had to evacuate after the Battle of Arnhem and started
to work in emergency hospitals. The "Arnhem" medics worked in the hospitals of Elburg, Nunspeet and Ermelo and probably also in other emergency hospitals on the Veluwe. These hospitals were
setup because it was expected that the upcoming liberation would cause a great number of casualties
wich the regular hospitals could not handle.
In the Nunspeet hospital were also the German nuns from the Elisabeth hospital and Father Dijker
who had helped out at the Tafelberg MDS during the Battle. Doctor Giesberts from Oosterbeek has
also been there.
Pictures of the emergency hospital can be found in the book beneath about the St Elisabeth Hospital.

Honderd jaar St Elisabeth gasthuis