1st Edition HB 1956

Nine days Ronald Gibson

Cardcover. First published in the UK in 1956 by "Arthur H Stockwell Limited".
Printed by "King Bross and Potts Limited". Written by Ronald Gibson. No ISBN number.
Ronald Gibson was a Glider Pilot of "F" Squadron who piloted a glider that contained
a 6 Pounder Anti-Tank gun and members of the Border Regiment. He flew to Arnhem on
17th September and fought for nine days before finally being evacuated across the Rhine.
The books illustrator, Gordon C. Power also fought alongside Gibson at Arnhem.
A graphic, detailed, and most absorbing account.

Other Editions:
2nd Edition PB 2012, ISBN=9781780353449, published by FastPrint Publishing "www.fast-print.net"
Cover the same as the 1st Edition.