HB 1st Edition 2012

major cotterell at Arnhem

Hardback. First published in the UK in October 2012 by "The History Press". Printer N/K.
Written by Jennie Gray. ISBN number 9780752479804.
Conscripted into the British Army in 1940, talented journalist Anthony Cotterell was never
going to be a natural soldier. Seeing that his abilities lay elsewhere, his superiors let him
do what he did best - write. Within a few years he was one of the Army's top journalists, covering
landmark engagements such as the D-Day landings, and he became well-known in both civilian and
military circles. He was then ordered to take part in the parachute drop at Arnhem in September 1944
as part of Operation Market Garden; he would never come home. Taken prisoner after the battle, on 23 September
Major Cotterell was one of a group of British officers wounded when SS guards opened fire on the unarmed men.
He then vanished without trace. In Major Cotterell at Arnhem, Jennie Gray tells the story of Cotterell's mysterious
disappearance, the SS war crime and the subsequent three-year search mounted by the War Crimes and Search Bureau,
the British War Crimes Group, the Netherlands War Crime Commission and by his brother, Geoffrey Cotterell.
Complemented by Cotterell's own writings, official War Crime Group documentation and the daily letters written
by Geoffrey - an author himself and with whose cooperation this book was written - it is a fascinating and
poignant story of one man lost in the tumult of war.