Lost at Nijmegen

Amazon kindle book. 1st Published August 2011.
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For the first time, a factual account of the decisive first twenty-four hours of
fighting by the 82nd Airborne Division around Nijmegen; a well-founded book with
a lot of quotes and footnotes.
And, a fresh point of view, based on discovered documents: The three day delay in
the capture of the Waal Bridge in Nijmegen was unnecessary and seriously contributed
to the failure of operation Market Garden.
Somehow, the importance of the three day delay is usually overlooked in the evaluation
of operation Market Garden.
If the Waal Bridge had been secured, when XXX Corps arrived in Nijmegen on the 19th of
September, they would have had 48 hours to relieve their compatriots at Arnhem.
The three day delay in the capture of the Waal Bridge is generally explained as follows:
The necessary quick capture of the Waal Bridge failed because the commander of the
508 Parachute Infantry Regiment , designated to capture the Waal Bridge, misunderstood
pre-jump orders given by General Gavin.
Authentic documents prove that no pre-jump orders were issued, as claimed by General
Gavin after the war and that the 508 PIR actually landed without offensive orders,
disabling the key weapon of General Gavin: the effect of surprise.
Based on a lot of original material in Dutch and American archives, the author meticulously
describes the combat actions of the 504 and 508 PIR.
An unknown missed opportunity is that G-Company was in a perfect assault position
around 2000 on the 17th of September, only a mile from the Waal Bridge, but orders
strictly prohibited own initiative.
Furthermore, the American strength is analysed and so is the German threat toward the
landing zones on the 18th of September; the German attack was only local and there was
no need for the withdrawal of all the American troops out of Nijmegen.
The achievements of the Dutch are not forgotten; the last three days of Jan Van Hoof
are described in detail and so are the actions of Captain Bestebreurtje and volunteer
Agardus Leegsma.