1st Edition PB 2008

Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. Privately published by the author in 2008. Printer N/K.
Written by Leonard Stone. No ISBN number.
This booklet was privately published by Leonard Stone in 2008 and only 12
copies were produced. He gave the copies to members of his family. It contains
the letters that Stone wrote to his family during the summer of 1956, when he
was 21, while he was in Holland and England carrying out research into the
Battle of Arnhem. The research would later be used to produce the book
"Red Devil Rising". The letters provide a fascinating and at times very moving
glimpse into the mind of a young man who felt compelled to go to Arnhem and
give a voice to all the young soldiers from the 1st Airborne Division who had
fought and died there. Stone describes the many interviews he was granted by
residents of the area including Kate Ter Horst and also several veterans such
as Father Egan, the Padre of 2 Para, and John Frost it's legendary Commanding Officer.
The booklet makes a fascinating companion to the novel itself.

The Author:
Leonard David Stone was born and educated in Winnipeg Canada and now resides
in Tampa, Florida. He holds degrees in Fine Arts and Education, and taught at
the high school level; however, his long-time professional career had been in arts
administration, having managed symphony orchestras in the United States and Canada.
He lived in Arnhem, Holland and London, England in 1956 during which time he developed
his earliest research for the novel Red Devil Rising including face-to-face interviews
with many real-life characters in the novel. Since then he had maintained a keen
interest in military history, principally the WW II airborne drop known as Market-Garden.
Of Stone, Adrian Groeneweg, OBE, the former director of the Airborne Museum located
in Oosterbeek, Holland on the outskirts of Arnhem said,
"He has chronicled the historical events as envisioned in his writer's imagination
by breathing life into well researched facts… Stone has captured a certain flavour
and spirit of those I had the privilege of knowing and still know…The interplay
between his fictional characters and the real life participants rings true…
I congratulate Stone on his life-long dedication and passion for their story.
I recommend Red Devil Rising to anyone interested in the subject.