1st Edition HB 2008

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in Holland in 2008 by "R N Sigmond Publishing".
Only 900 copies printed. Printer Van Eck & Oosterink Drukkers. Written by Peter Gijbels and
David Truesdale in English. ISBN number 9789081270311.
Based on the Fred Weatherley files, official records and personal accounts of members of
the Company. The 21st Independent Parachute Company was a unique unit in the British Army.
General Roy Urquhart, 1st British Airborne Division, was heard to say: "Independent by name
and independent by nature". The 21st comprised 186 men - at full strength - many handpicked by
its founder Captain John Lander. Of these 186 men thirteen were German Jews who were particularly
useful in battles such as the street fighting in the Oosterbeek perimeter as they could
frequently hear the Germans speaking. The book tells about its formation and training,
the actions in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and about the nine days fighting in Holland:
the Battle for the Arnhem Bridge, 17-26 September 1944. From May until August 1945 the
21st operated in Norway followed by one year in Palestine as part of the 6th Airborne Division.
Also included is information on the navigational aids used by the Company (Eureka/Rebecca),
the 1st Independent Parachute Platoon and a resume of all 186 men at the time of
Operation Market Garden.