1st Edition 308 Pages HB

Battle of Arnhem Book

"Kampfraum Arnheim" (Battle Zone Arnhem), is a unique in-depth photographic documentation of
the German ground forces which opposed the Allied Airborne landings in Holland in September 1944.
Their response to this Anglo-American offensive, code-named "Operation Market Garden," was chronicled
by eight German war correspondents whose 16 rolls of film are the primary focus of this publication.
The material was acquired exclusively from the German Federal Archives and depicts Heer, Luftwaffe
and Waffen-SS troops in action at Arnhem, Nijmegen, Mook and Osterbeek.
Presented in chronological order, the photos are accompanied by detailed captions which include the
date and location of each photo as well as the photographer's name and the negative frame number.
Never before has a work on this subject been presented so thoroughly from the combat cameraman's
point-of-view, providing a fascinating look at late-war German infantry, panzer, and FLAK artillery
units in fierce defensive fighting. Written by Harlan Glenn, author of
"For King and Country: British Airborne Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment in World War 2", with
additional research provided by a team of Dutch experts, "Kampfraum Arnheim" stands out as the
definitive visual history of the German units which participated in this crucial battle.