Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in 1954 by the "Airborne Committee, Oosterbeek".
Printed by "Adremo". Written by Brigadier C B Mackenzie. No ISBN number.
This is a dual language (English/Dutch) book which re-tells in concise form
the battle of Arnhem and Oosterbeek September 1944, as a section of operation
"Market Garden", as recollected and written by the Principal Staff Officer of
the First Airborne Division.

The Author(1909-1990):
For his actions at Arnhem, Mackenzie was awarded the Distinguished Service Order.
His citation reads:

At ARNHEM on the 22nd September this officer who is G.S.O. 1 of the division, was sent
from the perimeter across the River LEK to contact troops of the 2nd Army.
The crossing was made in daylight in a rubber boat in the face of a certain
amount of enemy fire.
He made his way to the formation headquarters south of the river through country
which had not been completely cleared of the enemy. As a result of this vital
information which he carried, plans were made for the relief of the division.
The following day Lieutenant-Colonel Mackenzie made his way back to the division
again recrossing in daylight. The services rendered by this officer throughout the
action at ARNHEM were of the highest order and his leadership and initiative both
on the occasions mentioned and subsequently during the withdrawal were a contributing
factor to the successful outcome of the operation.

Other Editions:
Paperback. 16th Edition ISBN number 9080005029.
The book has been re-published numerous times. Same Covers.