1st Edition HB 1990

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1990 by "The Crowood Press".
Printed by "Courier International Ltd.". Written by Robert J Kershaw.
This comprehensive account of the operation features numerous eyewitness accounts and includes
much previously unpublished material. Why did the German soldiers fight so doggedly in Holland
when the war was clearly lost? How was the Arnhem Bridge so easily captured by the British?
The rapid response of the Waffen SS and Wermacht Divisions, and the destruction of the
British Airborne troops. These and other crucial issues are examined through the eyes of the
German participants.

Colonel Robert Kershaw was born in 1950, studied history at Reading University and joined
the Parachute Regiment in 1972 fulfilling numerous regimental appointments until selected to
command the 10th Battalion (10 Para). He attended the German Staff College spending a further
two years with the Bundeswehr as an infantry, airborne and arctic warfare instructor.
He speaks fluent German and has extensive experience with NATO, Multinational operations and
all aspects of operations and training. His active service includes several tours in Northern Ireland,
the First Gulf War and Bosnia. He has exercised in many parts of the world and served in
the Middle East and Africa. During the Gulf War he was appointed L/Lt Col acting as the
Liaison Officer between the Corps Commander and the UK Armoured Division and participated in
the invasion of Iraq with the Forward Tactical Corps Headquarters. He was subsequently awarded
the US Bronze Star. At present he is finishing his final army appointment with the Intelligence
Division at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Robert Kershaw's The Tank Men tells the story both of
the British soldiers who trained for, drove and fought in tanks during the Second World War,
and the German tank men who fought against them. It was sold to Hodder & Stoughton who will publish
in 2008 as a lead non-fiction title. He has also written four highly praised books of military
history which have been published in the UK, USA, Germany, Poland and Russia. In addition Robert Kershaw
has appeared on BBC radio and been interviewed in two TV documentaries. He has published a number
of magazine and newspaper articles including The Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and
Daily Telegraph. On departing the army in 2006 he became a free-lance author and military commentator.
He will also be taking up an academic appointment with the War Studies staff at Sandhurst.
Robert Kershaw is married and has three sons. His chief interests are military history,
the cinema, sailing, skiing and running.

Other Editions:
Hardback. Published in 1994 by "Ian Allen Ltd". ISBN number 0711021678

Hardback. Published in 1996 by "Sarpendon" in New York. ISBN number 0711021678

Paperback. 2nd Edition. Published by "Ian Allan Publishing" in 2005. ISBN number 0711030626