1st Edition HB 1987

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1987 by "Leo Cooper".
Printed by "Mackays of Chatham Ltd.". Written by Mark Henniker. ISBN number 0850522811.
This book tells the war story of Mark Henniker who served throughout WW2, firstly with the
Royal Engineers as part of the BEF and later as a member of the Glider Pilot Regiment.
He saw action in Sicily and Italy and was part of the ground forces during Operation Market Garden.

In May 1940 the author was a Captain in the Royal Engineers, at home on leave with his parents
in Suffolk. Soon, after a brief encounter with the CIGS at his Club, he is off to France where
Monty tells him that "there is nothing to be afraid of in the Germans. We shall see him off".
But Monty was referring to the future and it was not long before the newly promoted Major Henniker
was heading back to England with two other officers and thirty men in a couple of rowing-boats
which had somehow found there way from Teddington to Dunkirk!
Back home he takes a parachuting course and has some interesting talks with General "Boy" Browning,
and others, about the possibilities of that then little understood form of warfare.
Henniker then goes to North Africa and then Sicily, where he is wounded, to Italy, back to England
and then on to Arnhem. In 1947 he went to India where he was given command of a mixed Anglo-Indian
Engineer regiment in the Punjab during the tempestuous upheavals in the Partition of India.
He returned to England for two years as an Instructor in Field Engineering at the School of
Military Engineering at Chatham in 1948 until he was promoted Brigadier to Command 63
Ghurka Infantry Brigade, engaged in fighting the Bandits in the Malayan Jungles from 1952 to 1954.
His last military appointment before retiring was as Commander Corps Royal Engineers (CCRE)
of 1st British Corps in Germany 1955-58. This was interrupted by the Suez Crisis in 1956.
During his service, Henniker was awarded the CBE, OBE, DSO and MC. He was twice mentioned in