1st Edition PB 2009

Herinneringen 1944 1945
Herinneringen 1944 1945

"Memories 1944-1945 from Airlanding till Liberation".
PB book, 73 pages, written by Mrs Dicky van Hall, published by "Scheer Boekverzorging Noordwijk".
in cooperation with Jan Peelen.
ISBN="9789081090742". Year 2009.
This is the Diary of a 26 years old woman who at the time of the Battle of Arnhem
lived in the village Heelsum. After the Battle she and her family had to evacuate
to the village "Nijkerk" in the north of the province Gelderland. The Diary ends with the
liberation of this village by the Canadians in May 1945.
The writer Mrs Dicky van Hall passed away the 23rd February 2007