1st Edition PB 2001 217 Pages

Operation Market Garden Book

Cardcover. First published in the UK in 2001 by "Cassell & Co. Ltd.". Printer N/K.
Written by A D Harvey.
In the late summer of 1944 two US and one British airborne division were landed,
by parachute and glider, behind the German lines with orders to seize all the canal
and river crossings between Eindhoven and Arnhem. Though most of the bridges were secured,
the Allied plan was too ambitious. At Arnhem, the 'bridge too far', the British 1st
Airborne Division was surrounded, cut off from all reinforcements and supply, and
subjected to a week of artillery bombardment and infantry assaults spearheaded by tanks.
Of over 10,000 airborne troops landed in the Arnhem sector, fewer than a quarter made it
back to the Allied lines. In this new interpretation of the battle, A.D. Harvey uses
German as well as British sources to show how the flaws in Allied planning combined
with the unexpected vigour of German counter-measures to defeat an operation that many
believed could have shortened the war by several months.