1st Edition PB 2005

Operation Market Garden Book

This title has 296 pages, 2 photographic plates,
12 maps, 4 line drawings.
This is the real story of Operation Market Garden,
the Allied attempt to gain a bridge across the River Rhine
and to advance into Germany.
This publication covers all preliminary matters,
including Montgomery's decision to take the risk of
projecting 1 British Airborne Division 60 miles behind
enemy lines, and to attempt relief by 30 Corps along
a single approach route against German opposition.
The volume covers the operations in detail
including 30 Corps, 82nd and 101st US Airborne Divisions
and, of course, the battle in Arnhem itself.
This is the first time that these two papers have been
made available to the public in printed form.
296 pages (A4) softbound, with 12 maps (6 A3),
2 photographic plates and orders of battle.