1st Edition PB 1998

Operation Market Garden Book

Cardcover. First published in the UK in 1998 by "Horseshoe Publications".
Printed by "Print Express Services Ltd". Written by Ian and Celia Toler.
Told through the eyes of a fictional character, Glider Pilot Ian Toler uses his first
hand experiences in this moving account of life in the 1930s and the slide into European war.
An idyllic opening and darkening atmosphere contribute to an unusually well told story
which includes accounts of his experiences at Arnhem and during the Rhine Crossing of 1945.

The Author:
Thomas Ian Jodrell Toler was born in 1912 and educated at Macclesfield Grammar School
and Christ Church, Oxford. From 1930 he was an officer in the Territorial Army, first in
the 7th Battalion the Cheshire Regiment, then with 4th King's Own, which was later converted
into 56 Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. After serving with that unit in the withdrawal
to Dunkirk, the brigade in which his unit served was later designated 1st Air Landing Brigade
and he volunteered as a glider pilot. He reached the rank of Major, Officer Commanding,
B Squadron (No. 1 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment and went on to see action at Arnhem
where he won the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Rhine crossing in March 1945.
Before the war he worked for a time at ICI at Runcorn, and includes reminiscences of his
period there.