Operation Market Garden Book

Paperback. First published in Holland in 2003 by "Aspekt". Printed by "Aspekt".
Written by C E H J Verhoef. ISBN number 9059113861.
Whilst the heroic and valiant actions by British and Polish airborne troops at the
Arnhem Road Bridge are very well known, less well-known is what happened during the
first days of Operation Market Garden at Ginkel Heath, where nearly 2000 British
paratroopers landed on September 18, 1944. The landing of the 4th Parachute Brigade
was only part of a series of military activities in this area, and in fact was preceded
by almost 24 hours of fierce fighting. In most written and oral reports on the battle of Arnhem
none or hardly any attention is paid to this episode. This is a very good account,
supplying full details on this overlooked episode of Market Garden.