1st Edition HB 1948

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback. Published in 1988 "Blandford Press". Printed by "Adlard & Son Ltd.".
ISBN number 0713720379

Operation Market Garden Book

Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1948 by "Secker & Warburg".
Printed by "Holdert & Co.". Written by Michael St.John Packe. No ISBN number.
This book is neither a history nor a novel, but somewhere between the two.
Related by the author, his experiences and memories of his service with the
First Airborne Division in WW2.

The Author(1916-1978):
commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps - Supplementary Reserve, Category B


Commander Royal Army Service Corps (CRASC), 1st Airborne Division (Arnhem)

Played cricket, 1936-1939.
Published: First airborne (1948) [= Winged Stallion : fighting and training with
the First Airborne (1988)]; The life of John Stuart Mill (1954);
The bombs of Orsini (1957); The Alderney story, 1939-1949 (with Maurice Dreyfus; 1971);
King Edward III (1983)