fighting back

Hardback. First published in the UK in 2010.
Martin Sugarman's Fighting Back provides a snapshot of the British Jewish contribution
to the Allied victory over the Nazi and Japanese threat. It also highlights the role
of the Jews in the Spanish Civil War and the Korean War. Its wide-ranging approach
to the contributions of Jews investigates among other things: the Paratroopers at
the Battle of Arnhem; the much neglected and almost forgotten Auxiliary Services of
Civil Defence, in this case the Fire Service; the Jews at Bletchley Park; and the
Jewish Palestinian volunteers from Israel. This last contribution has sadly been
erased from the memory of those who are keepers of the British war remembrance memorials,
and is never included in British tributes to the Commonwealth/Empire forces who served,
even though many other ethnic groups are well represented.

Other Editions:
Paperback. Published at the same time as the hardback. All details as per the
hardback version. ISBN 9780853039105