Hardback with dustjacket. First published in the UK in 1974 by "Collins". Printer N/K.
J.M. Langley lost an arm at Dunkirk, fell into enemy hands, and escaped via Lille and
Paris to Marseilles. Langley was given a desk in the tea-room at MI6 and told to
organize the safe return to England of all allied soldiers, sailors or airmen who
had succeeded in escaping from or evading the Germans in occupied territory.
James Langley helped Airey Neave to organise both Op. Pegasus I which was a huge
success and Op. Pegasus II which sadly was a total failure. By the end of the war
about three thousand men were safely brought back to England to fight another day.
Colonel James Langley tells this story of ingenuity and heroism with modesty,
humour and suspense.

Other Editions:
1st Paperback edition. Published in 1974 by "Methuen Paperbacks".
ISBN number 041705470X. No other details known at this time.